wheel widths and offsets. whats the widest you can go?

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hello everyone! i'm very new to the miata seen and am currently on my search for a 95M. currently driving a civic i ride +32 offset wheels and i love it. whats the widest width for wheel and widest offsets you guys have ran on your NAs? I saw a lot of pics from japan with very sick looking wheels (lips that can easily house a kitten).

how wide can you go without modifying the fenders with add-on flares? what is the widest offset for a 15x7 wheel without rubbing?

and if theres a 95M (merlot mica) for sale please let me know!!!

thanks in advance!
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I'm sure people will prove me wrong as soon as I open my big mouth and say this... but if you're running 195/50/15 tires on 15X7- you should be able to get down to +25 w/o fender rolling. +27 would be a safer guide though.

This is assuming you've got decent camber and you're not running tires like Azenis/ Kumho MX, etc, which are wider than their numbers indicate.
I run a 15x8 +0 with fenders rolled .

Check my garage for pictures.

I know of some guys in japan who fit wheels such as a 14x7 -6 and such.

like this

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8" w/ a 0 offset is common with camber and rolled fenders. i think thats about the max for not needing flares. i also think you can't really find much else that wide in a 4x100 lug pattern, unless you have diamond racing, or kodiak build you custom wheels.
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