White NA Going down the 495

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Haha i saw the NA with a hard top honk as it zoomed by in the express lane. who was that? i think i know who it is... saw the same car at springfield and his dad called his son and gave the phone to me
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wait, miatas in the NY Metro area? I thought I was the only one!

is the paint coming off this thing? there is one in my area....right off the 495 but in Jersey.
That would probably be me. I was heading home from school with my girlfriend and it was a good thing she was with me, otherwise I would've been stuck in that traffic. I don't really remember how your car looked but I do remember honking at one. :D
Yup, same car you saw my dad driving on springfield and he put me on the phone.

Hey Diego, that's what I thought too, miatas in the metro NY area? Check on the thread I started about roadsters in NYC.
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