White NA w/ RSR exhaust in TC and red NA at Angeles Crest

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White NA, black hardtop with RSR exhaust on Golden West in Temple City? I pulled over but you were in a rush.

Red NA who waved back at Angeles Crest ? We should do runs together =)
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you talking about a red NA with a black fender?

I saw that guy last night "up there"

Pulled over sick like with about 5 other cars.
maybe we could organize a roadster "cruise" along somewhere "up there" =)

We'll have people who show interest post up and PM them the info of the event. That way we can have no "unwanted" visitors.
"unwanted" visitors are always "up there"

so count me out. Last thing I need is more fix it tickets.
white na /w black hardtop is my friend simons. lives in tc.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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