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Well heres the deal, not a scam... I am currently trying to re-wire (or fix) a MSPNP for 96-97 Miatas, my car is a '94 so I can't use the ECU on my car. All Im asking for is a test vehicle, simply to plug it into your harness and see if it works and see if your car starts. So if you have nothing to do and feel like hanging out while I try and figure the MS then that would be marvelous! I will pay you for your time, possibly throw in lunch as well.


'96 or '97 1.8 L or harness
Stock injectors. Car can even be turbo-d but it NEEDS to have 1.8 injectors!
Have to be free pretty much all day...

If everything works out I will sell you the MSPNP for cheap! Have no use for it just need to get it working again...

If your truly interested please txt me @ 1-909-510-3228. names Brayton. Will be doing this is Rancho Cucamonga 91739, so if your local feel free to come hang out for awhile while I use your car as a test victim! MUHAHAHAHA!! XD
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