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When i purchased my car i had the option of going for a set of OZ's (17 x 7)

I went for a a decent test ride on some challenging roads and thought they completly ruined the car.
The steering, the feel and the balance just seemed to not suit the car, add to that the tramling and it was a no go, even though the guy was practically giving them away there was no way.

One of the problems was the outright grip, it was absolutly fantastic, but when it did eventually let go it did so big stylellyyyy.
On the stock 14"s it let go predictably and in a fairly linear controlable matter, with the wider wheels it just seemed to go from grip to outright slide instantly.

The other thing was the extra grip felt as if it did not suit the chassis, at max corner force it felt as though it was twisting the chassis into knots.

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