Will i throw a CEL on OBD1 if I remove the charcoal canister?

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I'm sick of the clutter, and would love to get rid of this piece... but when i did it on the Neon, i threw a CEL for it.

Does the OBD1 computer pitch a fit if you remove the charcoal canister? Worst case scenario, i'll bracket a neon one in somewhere hidden (it's smaller and rectangular), but i'd really prefer to remove it entirely since I never saw it make an efficiency difference on the other car.
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Since when is a Neon's charcoal canister rectangular???? Mine was a big can, probably bigger than the Miata's. My Neon was '96, maybe they changed 'em?
They did. :) The early ones (95-97) were round. In 98-99, they moved to a rectangular one that sits a little more tidily against the inside of that inner-bumper area up on the front passenger corner. I'm pretty sure it's smaller than the Miata's but if nothing else it'll fit better flush against something (maybe up in the fuel filter area?) than that big round one does.
Getting back to your question - I do not think so. I removed mine (I have 1995, non-OBDII) and no CEL's. Again, for a Miata.
I thought 1995 was the first year od OBD2... good to know!

How long has it been out?
OBDII for NA = 1996-1997

Been out now for 2 years - but I have a piggy back ECU as well - keep that in mind.
Hrm. If it's just piggyback, then i'd expect a CEL if you were going to throw one.

This is just to hold me over until the megasquirt goes in anyhow. :)
Okay... canister is gone, ancilary bracketry, etc is gone as well... I unplugged the purge solenoid, and tucked the wire away.

Now the question, I now have that metal line sticking straight up by the alt... is it okay here or can te purged fuel run into issues from sparks at the alt? Blue, what'd you do with yours?
That is simply your vent line from your fuel tank. I filtered (not capped) mine off with a small R/C (radio control) car filter cover unit - you can also look for small airfilter to use from automotoive shop.

You can see mine in lower right hand corner of this pic (foam covered):

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i capped mine for a few months now with no problems. (1990) i also removed the sensor and wiring...
Mine's been open for 2-3 weeks now, I rerouted the line forward past the radiator just in case, i didn't want vapors near the sparks in the alternator.
Only on one occasion, RIGHT after I started the car and blipped the throttle. Before/after/since? Nothing.
Does anyone here have emissions testing? I can't remember if they popped the hood or not... wonder if they wouldn't pass me if I took the canister out.
I too would like to remove that ugly black canister. In fact I wanna remove its whole system. Would this throw a code. ('94)

I read, not here, that if I block the egr port/valve in the manifold that under boost it could start boosting the manifold is this true?

I live in florida and we don't have emissons here, I do not run with a cat to improve exhaust flow so the egr system is only there to annoy me with its occupied space.
hopefully the manifold is pressurized under boost.
Yeah I realize it was stupid and I should stick to what I know/don't know, see below. LOL

From my basic knowledge there is flow from somewheres to the canister back to the bottom of the intake manifold, whatever that is called, then a flow from there to the intake tube.

If i just start removing tubes and blocking any 'holes' that occur will I get some unwanted results should have been my question, and now is ?
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