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not for the faint of heart
For any interest... PLEASE EMAIL windchariot(at)gmail
Located in the SGV/626, Socal. shipping at buyers expense
Wheels are:
15x8.5 -9 A disk
15x9.5 -25 low disk
(if you don't know what the 'disk' means, please look that up yourself on the Work website.)

2100$ obo locally picked up cash. (again, buyer pays shipping if needed+paypal etc etc.)
no trades either.

description. Faces are original diamond cut (changes colors, when looking hard enough while the rims are spinning you can see pony-unicorn-dolphin-eagles in the finish)
Lips are specially anodized metal finish by Work when ordered (extra 150$ per rim when done) (which gives it that raw aluminum metal look, but is smooth to touch because it is also clear coated)

rims are in pristine condition. Used on a vehicle for sema. Barely driven on.

for these pics... idk which is front or which is rear.. but you get the idea.

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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