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fresh rebuild:
forged rods and pistons with arp2000 rod bolts
balanced rotating assembly
all new bearings
.030 over
high pressure high volume pump
arp headstuds
sloppy best cam
comp springs
btr hardened pushrods
trunnion kit
ls9 mls gaskets
all brand new gaskets to seal everything
holley pan with trap door baffle
ls6 intake, stock truck throttle body, ebay rails regulator lines and fittings everywhere

also added 2 oil coolers and still need to plumb in the accusump

poor mans rebuild on a tr6060 and converting it to a t56 magnum
time to let er eat..... gonna keep it conservative around 8-900. See if everything still holds together since the trans and clutch are only rated at 700

Yes the front bumper still fits on the car.


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Well where to begin!

Got the engine and trans mated up

Wrapped my manifolds

Everything installed ready to go back in the bay

I fabbed up some mounts for the accusump

Then i got a hair up my ass and wanted a side exit exhaust

Can't have a clean engine going into a dirty bay, so i resprayed it

Engine installed..... but with the side exit, this kinda forced me to redo the turbo kit...... This time around i wanted the turbo to where you can actually see it, so i clocked it about 15*...... hood still closes and bumper still fits

The frame rail was going to give me issues with the exhaust..... i cut it and filled it back in with a pipe

I don't know how to do pie cuts, but they turned out damn good.

All mocked up

~finished turbo kit...... still need to add a wastegate to both banks, but that aint ****.

Teardrop fender dump came out good too, perfect fit.


Test fit a set of drag slicks i ordered....... looks good!

.....AAAAAnd thats about it. Hope you enjoy the build.
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