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Currently looking to pick up an NA for a daily driver. I'm unhappy with either the cars or the prices I've come across on the local craigslist, eBay, Vehix, Autotrader, etc ads so I'm hoping someone local on CR is interested in passing their Miata on. I'm looking for something relatively close to stock, I don't want or need a heavily modified NA as I already have made my NB a pain for street driving. I'm also looking for something for realistic money, the only seemingly nice NAs I've found so far are a little too overpriced and the owners are unwilling to take realistic offers.

Required for consideration:
Manual transmission
Smogged before transfer as per CA law
Top that does not leak
A/C (might be willing to consider those without it, but really do need it for summer time)

Nice extras I wouldn't mind:
Quality wheel and tire package

Thanks for looking. Feel free to post your car here or PM me.
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