WTB 94,95, or 99 Miata!

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im looking to buy a miata. perferably a 94 or 95, but i will consider a 99. i am in the military currently in San Diego, and will be going through my bank to get a loan for one. all the local searches havent really helped at all, as the people have not gotten back to me, or the cars are shitty. i need a daily driver.

i perfer a hardtop, but it is not needed. i want power windows that are functionable, daily driveable, top cannot leak, must be a manual, ect. i dont have any transportation so i need to deal with someone local, or who is willing to drive down here to sell. if youve got a car, let me know!

i will also consider 90-93, but i am mianly looking for a 94 or 95.
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