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It's simple. I've been looking tirelessly for a White NA on my own with no success. It's becoming exhausting. I had a great deal lined up and the guy sold it underneath me for less than I was offering. So I'm putting this up to entice members to possibly help if you know someone trying to move one not on the forums and such.

What would be ideal:

# Preferably 94-95
# Lower the mileage the better but looking for ~ 100K.
# No RUST - minimal blemishes on exterior (preferably no dings, dents, scratches)
# Looking for PE package (AC, Torsen LSD are must haves) PW/PS/PM are nice additions.
# No fluid leaks from motor/rear/tranny. No oil burn between changes. Turn-key reliable.
# Decent soft top - doesn't have to be immaculate but prefer no leaks.
# Completely stock
# Maintenance records

I mean I don't want to be stingy but I'm listing my ideal car. I'd simply like a very clean white NA that is turn-key reliable and as stock as possible with proof of service records. I'm willing to pay a finder's fee to someone who can help locate one (possibly a friend) and vouch for the car prior to the sale. The closer to NJ the better.

I'm selling my Montego Blue (completely comparable figures) and would be willing to trade if applicable to the new owner. Don't hesitate to PM me, or email me at mreakus at me dot com with anything you find. I'm a very motivated buyer and seller. So let's make a deal.
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