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This might be a long shot on this forum, but im looking to buy a full set of Borbet Type-A's in 15". Or, a similar 5 spoke/ Star wheel that resembles it. I live in the Dallas Tx area.

Pic for reference:

Pm me if you have them.


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Alot of immature kids and douche bags but before I buy anything from anyone I always creep on them, search their name, check their posts and and threads they make etc.

And remember dont skip out on paypal fees by sending as a gift, this forum knows ALL about that (haha megan coilover kid)

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There used to be some Borbet typ A replicas available (here in the states). If you search in this forum you should be able to find them. They were probably the first replicas which were lighter than the original :p
I'm a big fan of the Borbet styling but last time I checked the 16x9 were 25 lbs or so for the typ C.
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