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I recently purchased a 1991 Miata, that I would like to install an aftermarket double din head unit into.

I've done my research, and realize that the 'only' conceivable way to replicate a clean factory install is to either, purchase a JDM surround or "tombstone", or to use a DDMWorks custom radio surround. I'm partial to the way the finished work looks with the JDM surround, over the DDMWorks piece. No offense to the guys at DDMWorks intended, their work is phenominal, and I can appreciate talent like that. I'm not overtly opposed to their piece either, simply partial to the OEM JDM look.

Here in lies the problem...:roll:

This vehicle's original purpose is to be my wife's daily driver. That being said, here are my requirements as being the caring, loving, & studious husband, that I am;

1. Don't spend a lot of money (unless, on jewelry, clothes, or vacations).
2. Don't mess up my baby.
3. Make it look good.
4. Bluetooth & Navigation...
5. Don't spend a lot of money, mess up my baby, or make it look like "#@%&"!!!

So, if any of you guys or gals have a JDM surround laying around, that you'd be willing to part with, please let me know. Or, if you guys have any other suggestions/solutions for me, please feel free to voice them.

I'm a Miata noob, but far from an automotive idiot. I've been in the automotive industry (parts & service) for 16 years, now. So feel free to get a little technical, and if I have any questions, I'll ask.


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