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So a side story, I picked up this car two years ago for $800 with 60k miles and it's been my go to car whenever the BMW decides to take a **** on me. But seeing that my drive has moved from the 210 (minimal traffic) to the 405 at 7am I need a car that will last and save me some gas while most importantly, money!

Anyway I need a variety of items for starters I need a new exhaust, preferably OEM but if not I don't mind spending $200 (the one I have now is extremely noisy, like a crx with a 3k stickers on it)

I need the cover that goes over the speedometer, the original broke and now the needles move like crazy since it dried up the fluid that keeps them in makes the most annoying sound ever

I also need a Radiator Core support, it's not easy but if you or someone you know run/own a auto dismantling shop out here on Glenoaks please let me know.

I will also need a NA front bumper and a NA hood!

And last but not least a soft top and rain rail! Since I know for a fact that my rain rail is cracked because when it rains and I turn I can hear the water moving

I'm in the San Fernando Valley btw

So if you can help me! Please don't hesitate to email me or message me here
email is [email protected]

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