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Hi I want to trade for some 15's. show me what you got. These 16's are in good condition, i just prefer 15's. I am also interested in miata oem wheels. If anyone is looking for the extra style factor with 16's, i'm willing to trade :phillyb:. Depending on what you got, cash may be involved. The tires on these 16's need to be changed though.

PM me with questions or offfers, i will be more responsive through there

by the way, they came with these silver RSL center pieces, but They're easily removable they just pop off and pop back in. Up to you whether you want them, i ride with them off personally think it looks better

* here are the specs R15768H40BK 16x7.00 4x100/114.3 +40 BLACK

and in terms of value, i'm not really sure. I guess $320 for it all. But since I am looking for a trade the price isn't for sure and not quite preferred.

I'm located in Sacramento, CA


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Ok...this is the 3rd Ad I've had to lock today....PICS (got em) :)

also need a value for a FT ad and your location.

As a bonus...the more specs on the wheels you can post the better...this will help folks know about their fitment needs :)

PM me when you have the required info.
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