WTT- Classic Red WINGLESS trunk for a factory NA wing-ed one. So-Cal!

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I know this may be a long shot but Im looking to trade my red wingless truck for a factory NA wing trunk in the same or almost same condition. My trunk has fresh paint no dents and is very clean. Im located in Rancho Cucamonga 91739.

I do not have pics of my trunk up loaded yet but its a Classic Red wingless NA trunk... Im looking for a trunk like this in the same color.

Thanks for looking! PM me or txt me for a quicker response 1-909-510-3228
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Wow I would so do this if I lived near you. I hate my stupid spoiler holes.
Damn if only you were closer!
this just keeps getting better and better!
Huh? What??
we shoulda swapped the trunks at my house!
Anybody?? I seriously hate my trunk...
Hey thats my car in the first post.:mrgreen: Got another spoiler fitted now.
Haha nice!
I seriously want that trunk!
Your box was full, I tried to PM you..
Its empty now! Try and PM again.
if this works for you lmk lol cause imma make a thread too. free wing would be nice.
Bump... In hopes someone will actually take the bait.
1 - 18 of 28 Posts
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