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NORCAL only, not hating on anyone else where but I'm not looking to head particularly far from the bay area to do this. If you wanna drive to meet me that's fine but don't ask me to pay for your gas/tolls. I am willing to add a little cash on my side (50$?) for a bar in similar condition to mine or a bit more if your bar is brand spanking new.

I have a Bethania Garage M1 roll bar. It's the Hard Core, Hardtop, Double Diagonal version. I bought it in 2010 new from Bethania Garage. It has a few small marks on it from where my hardtop rubs on it (my car is a salvage car with body problems, it should not rub on a straight bodied car), that I'll get pictures of later. The flame sticker has also been removed. Other than the mentioned blemishes the Bar should be in like new condition.

I am looking to trade for the same bar but for a NB, ie this one. or something of similar quality. Hard top compatibility is a must, but a single diagonal or x brace hard dog bar would be ok as would a Boss frog (single or double hoop, but no MAXX).

I am not looking to outright sell the bar or trade for a style bar.


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