yay for new parts(uhh some JDM ones too =P)

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So as a few of you know i actually bought another miata that had a whole bunch of parts on it and even a Kaaz LSD that is FOR SALE. (sale pending paul possible)
so basicly heres the run down some stuff i added on my own, some stuff came from the other miata. but heres what i got.

Cusco Sway bars Front and Rear (solid bars)
Koyo 55MM Radiator yes shes huge!
Either KG works or Moss motors (original owner was not sure.) low profile headlights with HID.
Dual Air horn(had it for a while)
Oil filter relocation kit
Oil cooler
Racing Beat Intake
F.E.T. Quick Release (thanks to rob for helping me get one)
R Front lip
2001 wheels

soon to have
Rotora slotted brakes
Earl SS lines front+rear

Pictures =)

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Might wanna switch (oil) filters, champ ;)

Where in Ohio are you from?
By the 25 on his plate, Franklin County/Columbus.
By the 25 on his plate, Franklin County/Columbus.
damn your good =D>
Sweet. I'm originally from Canton, but call the Cincinnati area home now :)
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