You laugh you lose thread 2.o

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My only reason to come to the pub is now gone after the week end. I was hoping to start my week with some funny stuff, but can't find it. Sucks. :cry2:

EDIT: Name changed... Keep it SFW and Mods Please Delete way any Non SFW and bad comments without warning. We all shouldn't suffer because some douche bag posted here.
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Yeah Id be pretty pissed too if I was overseas and the people I put my life on the line for everyday did that.
You're right... they did this purposely to piss off our members who are currently deployed because they knew the internet is slow over there. Man, what a bunch of dicks...
fixed you
Do they all have to cum?
Jonestown, AZ doesn't exist. Or, if it does, Google doesn't know about it.
My mistake, I didn't know everything posted here had to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
I was adding frame of reference to your post. It becomes significantly more hilarious if it's true.
Bale made a good Bruce Wayne and an irritating Batman.
Ben Affleck will be perfect.
It absolutely amazes me that people take pictures of computer screens with their phones. Screenprint. It's not hard.
That's not really funny...
The comments win.

BedandBreakfastMan said:
I could have SWORN you were going somewhere else with that comment.

Allow me...

12 Gawkers gawking

11 women screaming

10 iPhones filming

9 bags a-flying

8 people ducking

7 floors a-whooshing

6 feet per second


4 flailing limbs

3 paramedics

2 puddle stains

And a girlfriend who couldn’t care less…
ceci n'est pas une pipe = this is not a pipe
I'm not sure you know what dabbing is.
I remember the first depressing comics week. It was brutal.

post it up
Those memes always get me... even better that I’ve met both of them (there was once a huge annual Mazda meet at OCC)
So true, last year... “if only we were healthy.” sigh Fortunately no major injuries yet this year... only short term stuff.
IIRC, your boys are competing for the Pacific Division lead. Shame Edmonton [temporarily] has its act together.
Yep, with the win tonight we’re 1pt back. Vegas is right behind us, on a 3 game win streak.

Not so much a “ha-ha” funny
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