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Whats up everyone!

pretty new to the whole miata scene but im moving fast!

picked up my 92 MX-5 about 2 months ago
clean title, body and paint were pretty clean but the 10/10 interior is what sold me.

im currently in west covina and i dont have any miata friends in the area so if your located in west covina feel free to PM and maybe we can drive up to the canyons or something!

well ill jump right into the pics because whats a build thread without pics.

negative comments are not wanted, but i dont know everything about miatas so positive input is welcome!

Couple days after i bought here, already installed the Gv Style Lip

Next i got myself a honda C-Pillar but fits pretty nicely

Then got my hand on some Dr-41s with 205/50 tires, and got rid of the fogs, not my style.

also got some Koni Yellow Shocks with the Ground Control Coil Overs with Eibach Springs
and the cop wanted to be in my picture :)

then got my hands on a GAB Strut Tower, and i have to say with the coil overs and this tower my ride is nice and stiff with limited body roll :)

Next got tired of the white rims so i got some Rota Classics 15x8 0 offset! and brand new falken 195/50 tires

pretty much thats it for now, she sits really nicely after a nice fender roll my rub is very minimal

soon to come, aluminum radiator, cold air intake, headers, and hopefully lower soon :)

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