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So Ive been looking into this Zex kit(82030) for a few days now and it seems if installed and used properly it can be the best bang for the buck. Im staying away from F.I. on this car as my other car is now Boosted(turbo) and I dont want to deal with upgraded fuel, injectors, and all the accessories that go with it. I just want a little something to push my DD over the line from time to time :D.

Also Ive looked through Zex webste and see no indication of how the system Tps into the fuel system So How do you supply Fuel to the ZEX system?

Anyway Im Looking at the auction:
I bought my Fidanza Flywheel from these guys and im MORE than happy with there prices and service.

So Anyone have an opinion, comment, warning or anything on this exact particular kit. I Just want to make shure Ive done it RIGHT![/b]
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