zoom engineering backup or rear fog lamp?

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The stock exhaust is being replaced with a Pitcrew Racing Clubman cat-back which exits center-left.

This leaves a whole in the rear bumper. I'm thinking I'd like to fill this hole with the Zoom Engineering Backup Lamp Kit. Can anyone offer up any pics or comments? Anyone with first hand experience regarding installation difficulty and fit/finish? Peter, I understand you have the rear fog lamp. What does it affix to? How did you wire that up and did you use a factory switch? How's it holding up after 2+ years being underneath your car?

Reverse lamp helps you see better when backing down dark driveways at night

Fog lamp helps other people see you better when the weather's bad
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pimp mode, when did you get that exhaust bro? Hurry up and hook that up!

Me want pics..............

Nice piece! Did you buy it from 'metalman' off Ebay?
nice thats going to look awesome on your car.

I imagine installing that reverse light is probably as simple as wiring up a relay to the stock reverse lights, and figuring a way to mount it.
I just picked it up on an impulse from a seller on eBay named kdfjam. I'd been eyeing it before when he offered the choice between this

and a HKS Super Dragger exhaust

It's definitely unique so I thought, what the hell, right? Let's give it a go. It looks like he cleaned it up a bit before relisting it in an attempt to attract more bidders. (My Enkei wheels were the same way. I saw them the 1st go around and was undecided. Nobody bid. Seller did a quickie black respray before relisting them which made the wheels much better looking and allowed me to see there was zero curb rash. That was enough to push me over the edge and I decided to bid.) I'll probably have to polish it a little bit more before I install it on my car. I guess I might as well order a stainless steel header and replacement cat while I'm at it since the originals are 15 years old and showing their age.

I'm still interested in mrolo74's exhaust group buy. Exhaust systems are like wheels and everything else. I'll probably go through a few different sets before I figure out exactly what I want.
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I think it would look really good on your car. I always liked the rear foglight in the exhaust-cut-out trick.
That is a sweet exhaust - but loud as all hell. Make sure to check the welds before installing - have them touched up if any are cracked or looking weak. The cans on this exhauts tended to split at the welds.

Now - the fog and back up lamp are the same. Glass lense and all metal body. Operates only off one wire (hot) and self grounds. Bulb is standare 1157 (something like that). Uses one bracket and attaches to where your rear tow hook would go - look up under your car and you will see some pre-tapped holes on the side of the tow hook support - this is where the braket attaches. Get rid of the tow hooks while there.

Since it is self grounding, the instructions show that the foggie taps directly into the rear passenger bumper running light and is always on when your parking lights are on. I was going to wire in a switch to operate when needed, but it was so much easier to do the way I have it now.

Back up lamp would wire right to the back up lamps in the car and come on when needed.

Lamp ran me $45 from Japan.
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Placed an order with Tough-san today. Should be here in a few weeks. Cost is $46. I'll post pics as soon as it's complete. Thanks for the response. Install sounds just like wiring up a British car.
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