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ok gang, i need some help. i was looking at the Zoom website the other day and i had a question regarding their gauge meter hood and their radio surround console, pics below.

will the gauge meter hood work on a US LDH car? i know from looking at my stock gauge meter hood that it is somewhat offset and it probably wouldn't work on a RHD car, but i don't know if maybe zoom made there's where it would be fine on either LHD and RHD or if it will only work on RHD cars.

also, their radio surround console, is the top portion where the gauges mount angled towards the driver?

can anyone help out with this one. i'm really interested ni these, but i'd only get the radio surround if i can also get the meter hood.

please help
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sorry Alex the gauge hood only works on RHD cars .... ( big thanks to Woolery for giving me his when he found it didn't fit :wink: )

the upper part of the radio surround console is not angled towards the driver so would be okay in LHD car ...

there is not a LHD / RHD section to the zoom website jusy Japanese and English language sections ...

I wouldn't be put off by the radio console just because you can't fit the gauge hood, it is an excellent part and one of the neatest solutions ( along with the Nakamae and Pit Crew Racing consoles ) to adding extra dials in your car ...

looks particularly good with the retro tinnel console in FRP to match :wink:
what does the Pitcrew console look like? i was on the Nakamae site and their console coversion is only for RHD cars, so that won't work for me. i'm looking for all options that would work on LHD cars.

the problem i had with running the Zoom radio console without the gauge meter hood is that the top of the console is flat and the stock meter hood is rounded, but the zoom meter hood is designed somewhat flat at the top so that both pieces match. i think it would look somewhat awkward with the flat zoom center console and the stock rounded meter hood. maybe thats just me, i don't know.

we'll see what happens.

i had always wanted the small gauge pod that FM used to sell that went above the radio console that more or less copied the lines of the meter hood. if anyone on here has one of those that they would like to sell or maybe lend me to copy, please let me know.

i'm still on the wall as to which way to go on this one.

Pit Crew racing and Nakamae are both RHD :cry:

FM pod looks really stuck on and clumsy IMO ...
Zoom Gauge Pod fits all 1.6 US spec cars. WIll not fit any pass. air bagged equiped Miatas (i.e. 1.8 US Versions).
Re: KG Works interior parts solution

How about mounting 3 of these in your car in the crash pad? They are universal, so you can angle them for LHD, or RHD cars! =D>

I got a set from Rspeed last year, im sure they can still get them.



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i was trying to stay away from this type of gauge mounting, but that might be another option.
hey phat, are you sure those KG Works pods work on LHD cars? i remember a discussion a long time ago on the forum about these exact pods saying that they wouldn't work on our cars because those pods also tilt the gauge some looking up, so if you turned the cups around to work on LHD cars, the gauges would look down.

is there any way you can make certain that they would work on LHD cars. I think i'm gonna go with the zoom panel and possibly those as well, still making my decisions though on the parts i want to get.

let me know what you find out about these KG cups though
Re: KG WORKS Universal Gauge Mounts

I have alot of my parts in storage (these included), so i cannot take new pics of them, but i did take some pics before i put them in storage, i think they are on my home computer. And i remember looking at them, I HAD THEM IN MY HANDS, hahaha the are as universal as you can get. Whoever told you they only work on RHD cars is a numbnutz. :twisted: Ask him if he has seen them in person, or even held them in his own two hands. hahhahhaa =D>


Any one want a set of Zoom custom Floor mats for LHD cars?? They fit is so so but a little bending and polishing can fit in the NA. This do not fit in the NB. Trust me it doesn't fit I already tried

Eli, please post these in the for sale section, thanks.
Hey Alex, why not just ask Mike if Koga-san will make you a custom Gauge Hud for LHD, ill bet he could sell a few here in the USA. Maybe just give him your stock one to make a mold from?

What do you think ...... Mike, are you reading this?

I hear you bro ...

I will speak to Koga-san and see what he can do

He is quite hard to pin down at the moment as he has some personal stuff to deal with but I have spoken to him this week and will have to arrange some other stuff with him on Monday so I will mention it then
hey mike, that would be awesome if you could talk to him and convince him to make those gauge hoods for LHD cars. I know i would buy at least one, maybe two if i had the money available to me. but i know they would sell like hotcakes to the guys on this forum.

talk to him and mention it and let us know what he says.

by the way guys, how can i order Zoom stuff? If anything, i want to order the radio surround panel soon.


I have asked about the guage cowl for LHD and am awaiting an answer, I would imagine if it is possible he would need a LHD original cowl to work from ...

I can obtain any parts from the zoom website to the UK or USA ( including shipping ) for the actual website price + 20% to cover shipping / taxes / paypal fees.


I think you can order off Zooms site. He's added USD pricing.
I think you can order off Zooms site. He's added USD pricing.
It is times like this that I curse the administration for allowing the US dollar to get soooo weak!!!! :(
I saw this months ago, and couldn't remember who made it, thanks for the name again! I'm getting really tired of having gauges mounted down above my stereo out of my line of sight, and the KGworks ones are WAY to far over to have to headcheck... but this Zoom piece would be perfect. I couldn't find it, I was getting ready to "adapt" an autometer mustang pod, but it wouldn't have looked nearly as nice.
I have spoken to Koga-san at zoom and he will not be making the gauge cowl in LHD - sorry guys :(
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